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Friday, December 26, 2014


Parts of Perak is flooded. For the first time, I accepted two shipments of goats in dire need of a safe place. Praise to God, my farm is only slightly affected by the severe weather. I have room for 100-150 more goats.

Here is the first shipment from a hobbyist breeder. 4 heads.

And last night I accepted another distress shipment from RDS Farm in Kampung Gajah. The owner - Rizal, who works in Sime Darby Property Shah Alam - has seen his riverside farm being gripped by fast rising water. And the water did reach the barn floor. 

JPV Perak has been dispatched to help him transfer the goats. And the goats were transferred from the barn to the lorry by... small boat. Individually. No choice. This was painfully slow work. 

Some pictures of the goats arriving at my farm last night.

Weak from being trapped in flood for days

The spectator ladies watching the spectacles unfold

Thank you JPV Perak for their help in the relief operation!


  1. Semangat macam ni membantu para pembiak. Tahniah semua

  2. Tahniah. Semoga Allah membalas jasa Tuan