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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I'm mad. I'm evil.

Therefore I'm going to dedicate my life to dominate the world. But first I must defeat Spiderman. And for that to happen, I need a creature to turn into a monster. Again. Usual stuff.  (Of course, I'm mad, I'm evil, I will always need a monster - I can not run away from that script). 

Here is a fellow whom I think is a suitable candidate for my monster project. 

Yeah! Cicak Man. I'm going to find a way to turn this little fellow into a horrifying monster. How? .. Well... I haven't think it proper. I'm mad, I'm evil, but I do not say I'm genius. 

I need more time on that. 

You just wait Spidey!


  1. soalan bodoh mungkin, nak buat apa anak cicak tu??

    'pengikut setia blog Prof"

  2. thanks for reading!

    anak cicak tu... akan dieksperimenkan sebentar nanti buahaha