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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Some mechanics can be totally undependable for motoring advice. Its like asking for instructions from a swimming coach when what you do is actually drag racing or paintballing or deerhunting.

You see, I am not driving a Ferrari 458, or a Mclaren MP4-12C, or a Bugatti Veyron. What I drive does not even remotely resemble those high speed supercars.

I drive a 200 years old van. A relic of Industrial Revolution. All squeaky, bone jarring ride, and have superior body massaging ability than the $10,000 Osim Massaging Chair. The van I drive not only completely massage by body, but also build my arm strength fabulously from the massive strength needed to change gears.

When you drive a relic + a massage facility + a gymnasium = you drive slow, very slow to appreciate it, to soak in all the amazing health benefits it bestows upon the driver. There is not a reason to drive fast, there isn't any whatsoever reasons to drive like a ferrari. Yep, no high speed driving.

What baffle me then, is why the mechanics keep asking me to fill my tyres with nitrogen? He can clearly see that I drive a van instead of a supercar. He says again and again, nitrogen makes your tyres much stable at high temperatures so that you can safely enjoy high speed driving without worrying about the tyres that might get blown.

The fastest I could get in the van is 80 km/hour. I have no need to drive fast at speed exceeding 200km/hour. I have no need for nitrogen filled tyres. No no no thank you mr mechanic. I believe air, ordinary air is good enough for my tyres.

Why should I spend $8 per tyre for a nitrogen, when I could get it free with air?

Thank you, mr mechanic for your 'excellent piece' of motoring advice.

But no, I won't do it. 

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  1. lagi satu nitrogen ni berat..berat dari oxygen dan udara dan co2..

    tayar jadi berat skit..stabil la kot..hehe