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Friday, March 8, 2013


I don't get it.

Why do women want to try 10 dresses when the very first one is already good? Or why do women want to enter 10 shops when the very first shop already provided the exact same thing?

I just can't figure it out, even when I utilise my brain's processing power to the maximum, to the point of overheating.

Women are certainly mind boggling. It is now universally certain, that a woman's 'dilemma' could not be solved just by her husband's brain power. Certainly, not by my already overworked and overheated tiny single core brain, which doesnt have any kind of cooling system to protect itself.

We need the brain power of a thousand Einstein, all in a highly caffeinated state, to solve this mystery..

Maybe we shall build a hundred supercomputer, the fastest of its kind in the world, all placed in the coldest regions of the Earth (to prevent them from overheating) - just to provide us the poor husbands, with a just good enough answer, that may stop women from this overwhelming need of wandering from shops to shops..

Yeah I seriously think we as a serious civilization, should seriously allocate some seriously huge budget, to seriously begin research on women, to seriously starting to understand them.

We shall not explore the Earth and the Universe, we shall not explore the mystery of dark energy and dark matter, we shall not send robotic rovers to dusty planets, ... we mankind shall stop exploring.

We shall explore women instead.

We shall begin to unravel the unfathomable mystery of "Abang! Ok tak baju ni?"

Yeah, we should.

God, give us men, dumbfounded men, the strength to undertake this seemingly impossible mission!


  1. kena jadi pakar fesyen ni. baru bleh guna kuasa veto.

  2. dan kenapa post ni kena tulis dalam eng?haha.

  3. Kebanyakkan orang pompuan memang gitu la...dah fitrah, tapi ada jugak yang simple...

  4. Senang jer bro.. penyelesaiannya ajak selalu dengor ceramah ugama dan selalu tengok kain kafan.

  5. Di sebalik kejayaan seorang suami, ada isteri yg sentiasa menjadi penyokong dan kekuatan lelaki itu di luar.

  6. Man, your problems are just about starting... Wait till she gets bitten by the flowering plants bug, then the seed bug... She'll be wearing the same old favorite clothes over and over again and visiting nurseries and plantsmen far and wide sourcing hard to find planting materials, and exchanging seeds with strangers ... She'll never walk into a boutique ever again except once a year for hari raya because she has to or else nenek will say 'ko takde baju baru?' and embarrass her kids and husband...

  7. That is the beauty having women in this world, other wise all men's life will be so bored. Women simply ask for an opinion because they want to be good infront of their love ones. But ahhhh men always a men

    1. I know my english is not good, but i don't care, i just want to practice and practice until i'm able to write in english. Comments and corrections are most welcome.......