"Tropical breeds for tropical region, arid breeds for arid region, temperate breeds for temperate region, and polar breeds for polar regions"

Saturday, December 21, 2013


Looks more like a Push Over to me.

Somebody has taken over a centrepiece goat breeding program in the north.

I hope, like all breeders hope, the breeding program will still form the AGENDA.

Let see what happens in the next few days.

*Funding has been quite dry for current management. I do understand the need for much bigger capital injection to rejuvenate the breeding program. Trouble is.... apex importer who thinks breeding is for losers... got the nod.

7,000 heads by 2017..... I see massive influx of foreign goats.

Local breeders are likely to be left dry again. As usual.

Yeah, whatever.

We better retreat to the mountains, away from all these madness. Just like what the Prophet said.


  1. I am also very angry,Bro. If it is true, then they must be on purpose choose to remain BLIND. What are these MEATHEADS up to now?? Not helping and only to destroy the local breeders. Promote and encourage growth of local breeds should be the lead policy!! Keep us posted,Bro!!

  2. Ok let's be frank here. In my opinion if all the member of PKMM start focuing their efforts on breeding from tjis day onward. We should be able to have more than 7000 heads of goat by 2017.

    We dont need millions of taxpayer's money to be spent on substandard goats. We just need time. I say buy local. Belilah barangan buatan Malaysia.