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Thursday, August 9, 2012


6th August is a joyous moment for some people, and a very painful moment for some other people. For 6th August is the day American, supported by Allied Forces dropped atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Three days later Nagasaki received the same fate.

Just one bomb to flatten an entire city.

The Japanese must be confused, dumb founded, and very scared at what had hit them. Few days later, the entire Japanese Imperial Army surrendered even though they were a stronger side than the Allied in World War Two.

And the japanese during world war II was utterly feared by many of whose land they trampled on. The japanese army is known and documented for their speed and mobility, as well as brutality, murdering and raping the population.

But in their home, in Japanese soil, they are docile, respectful, good natured, always smiling and bowing, ever ready to obey the command of the Emperor. Like those tiny cute hamsters in the pet shop. Pretty harmless and does not seem able to hurt anyone.

But the instant they are sent into war, they changed completely in personality, becoming brutal, unmerciful, full of hatred and vengeance. From a tiny little hamster, they morphed into a giant, vicious african hippos, hell bent on destroying whatever that lies in front.

What makes them to morph like that?

Which brings me to the malays, my race.

A race known to be graceful, always smiling, docile, respectful, good natured, ever ready to obey the command of their King. A race that seems to be easy to take advantage of, easy to be preyed upon, easy to be brushed off and suppressed. Even more tamer than the japanese. Even more harmless than the pet hamsters.

But what will happen if suddenly we found ourselves in the midst of war, invading some other countries? Will we be more brutal, more sadistic, more bloodthirsty than the japanese? Will we morph into something more vicious than the hippos? A Tyrannosaurus Rex?

Very likely.

Like a spring being tightened, the more springy it becomes when loose, the more energy it will unleash the tighter we hold it, if it ever become loose.

The japanese has the opportunity to unleash the pent up frustation within themselves during world war two. But we here has been peaceful too long, no war to unleash the tension that is building up. Like a volcano, continuously accumulating more and more magma, just waiting to explode. Or like a kettle when all the water inside is boiled up, but no release valve exist.

We need to release the steam a bit.

Otherwise the malays no longer hold into their sayings of “ diam diam ubi berisi”.

Instead it will be “diam diam grenade meletup”.

What will you say, sir?

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  1. Malay on a very danferous critical mass of adrenaline rush = Amuk. Siap ada dalam vocab english pasal run amuck ni..