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Wednesday, June 26, 2013



Z vs Z.

Aku geli hati ketawa sendirian bila aku baca komen komen yang begitu panjang dalam  post THE PAWN. Bini aku pun jadi pelik tengok aku, dok tanya aku buang tabiat ke. Quite a joy to read the 'friendly' banter in there. Beautifully traded insults. Some choice words.

I want to say thank you to mr zaki nurternak for leaping to my defence. His arguments was certainly passionate. Emotionally charged. Very passionate. Maybe too passionate.

And thank you too to mr anonymous for some 'barblike' comments. You are right when you said I am young - naive to be more precise. Have to learn how to better judge people.

I am autistic, I cannot read the full meaning of facial expression and body language. Its my handicap. I will always be less adept in a social situation compared to normal people. I will always be less adept in judging people. I will always be less adept in guessing people's true intention.

It has been like that since I am small. I will not be able to shake it out. I never will. Its already engraved in my personality.

I find books are easier to understand than people.

And I think I know who mr anonymous is. Mmm no no no....

I certainly, exactly know who is mr anonymous.

Yeah, when the time is right, I will listen to your side of the arguments. Though I have already listen to you, tabling your arguments during the very first meeting of persatuan pembiak. The very first meeting, during which protem committee was established. Remember?

Nevertheless, we will meet again.


Trading views, and sharing beliefs are what drives society forward. Arguments are good for the advancement of culture. We always have the need for more and more persuasive arguers. The more they are, and the more persuasive their arguments - the faster our rate of development.

And I realized how important emotion is in expressing our views.

It can decide whom people chose to believe when presented with arguments. An irrational view when laced with the right emotion at the right time can become hugely powerful, can defeat a rational view no matter how rational.

We humans are always like that. It is our soul.

Emotion is the magnet.

Therefore, use emotion liberally, and creatively express it, either orally or in writing, to win our argument.

Now, I am hoping to see more and more creatively created, and traded, insults between our politicians in the august house, the Parliament. My life will be more colorful and interesting for sure.

Yeah, get angry.


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  1. Nasib baik nama blogging saya Don, kalo letak Z jugak, kena la join debat sekali. Hahaha. Bak kata Hulk dalam Avengers, I'm always angry.